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Pet People

Monday, January 29, 2007

"You bought WHAT???"

That’s what The Boss says whenever I buy something out-of-the-ordinary for one of the pets. But he knows I always have a good reason and am always right. Still, he feels he has to at least protest just a bit to make ME pay, just as he has to pay.

For a man that doesn’t do much shopping of any kind, he somehow feels the need to comment when he sees things coming out of a shopping bag, and not just pet products. “How many chewies, balls, bones, snacks, milk, yogurts etc. do you NEED? We already have three of these in the cupboard, blah, blah, blah.”

I hate shopping of any kind, so when I got to the grocery store or wherever, I stock up, especially since we live in the country. What's the big friggin' deal? But I digress.

The thing that got his goat the most was when I bought Peanut a four-poster bed. You should have seen the look on his face. And the inevitable question: How much did THAT cost???? The reason I bought it was that a friend made them to sell at one time, deluxe, sturdy, quality pet beds. I got a good deal, because the one I bought had a flaw that only she could see—something about the stain not being smooth. I got to pick out the mattress cover and thought, “What would really make The Boss roll his eyes and complain?” As I said, I love to instigate! So I picked out the leopard print, with matching pillow trimmed in black.

“That dog has a better bed than we do!” That was true at the time, as the bed we had was so old one of his ex-wives slept in it. I never complained about THAT, so he hardly had room gripe about a little old pet bed.

Peanut loves his “Little Man bed.” To further twist things, I say to The Boss when it's time to retire for the night, “Is Peanut tucked in? Maybe you should fluff his pillow.” LOL.

So, what kind of extravagant pet products have you bought? I love getting the pet catalogues in the mail, because some of the things they have make even my eyes roll, such as pet “baby buggies” and little shoes to protect feet in the cold. These catalogues are another way for me to aggravate The Boss, because I’ll whip out the catalogue, stick it under his nose and say, “I’m going to get this xyz for Scooter; which fabric do you think will match his fur best?” To which he’ll say, “You're not spending $$$ for a xyx!!!” He’s so easy; he falls for it every time. You’d think after 15 years of marriage he’d catch on to my wily ways. But then again, I did get a four-poster mahogany bed for a hound!And if I want something from the pet store or catalogue, I just get it and argue about it later. As I said, I always win and I'm always right. LOL.

posted by Sandy at 1/29/2007 10:32:00 AM


Blogger Stacey said...

Okay, how do you get away with only having a four poster bed for Peanut?? What about Zoe and Scooter? Don't they get jealous and try to sleep on it? Since Scooter is such a bully boy, I'm surprised he hasn't taken it away from Peanut.

I don't really buy extravagant things for my babies. But, we DO extravagant things for them. Example: we have one of those 4 foot tall step ladders, just right for painting the ceiling. Well, we did just that a few years ago, and the step ladder was left sitting in front of the window in the puppies room. Next thing I know, Casper has curled up on the shelf where you sit the paint can, looking out the window.

Long story short, the stupid ladder is still there, years later, with a chair cushion on the shelf. So, I guess Casper has his own bed, too. Hmmmm.....I didn't think about it until just now. Neither of the other cats sleeps there. Just Casper. I'll try to take a digital picture tonight and send it to Sandy.

If hubby has to use the step ladder for something around the house, he has to put it back for Casper RIGHT AWAY. He will go sit and stare at it if it's sitting in the living room or the hall. As if he's trying to figure out why his bed is in the wrong place.

Monday, January 29, 2007 12:30:00 PM  
Blogger Sandy Britt said...

I'm sorry, but I think the ladder is even WORSE pet worship than Peanut's four poster! LOL. Scooter rarely uses pet beds and I've never even seen him in one of the dog houses. I also have two on-the-floor regular pet beds with the zipper cover in the living room. Scooter and Zoe sleep on the people beds.Peanut does too sometimes, but he usually goes right to his special bed, and always with one of his balls. Scooter and Zoe go from floor to bed. (Note on balls: I got a new one, not with fleece, it looks like a little basketball. Scooter took it twice, but I took it away, gave it back to Peanut and Scooter's left it alone since. Peanut is now carrying that one around exclusively)

But a ladder? LOL. That is true pet love. Please, send me a picture and I will definately post the pet perch! Maybe you should paint it with nice paw prints and otherwise decorate it up--might as go all the way! LOL.

Monday, January 29, 2007 12:42:00 PM  
Blogger Skeeter said...

What a beautiful pet bed!!!

We are thinking about buying a king sized bed for our girls. Okay not the girls but us, well, hubby. The girls just insist on getting into bed with us every night. We enjoy them in the bed with us but there is just not enough room for two adults and these 2 cats in the same bed!

Cheetah, my baby is a good girl and lies at our feet. But the Queen of Sheba, hubby’s girl, insist on being up against him while sleeping. She is indeed a true snuggle bunny! She holds down the covers and this is an issue for me on those cold nights when air gets to the body with the shifting of the covers. I will tug on the covers and hubby will fuss about how I am bothering the Queen! Tough I say, as she can go to the foot of the bed like my perfect Cheetah! As far as that goes, she can go to her favorite basket in the closet which I must say, has to remain open per the Queens insistence! She can go to one of the other two available beds in this house or two couches or one of the many carpeted cat cubes! She has options, we don’t!

Sheba only gets on hubby’s side of the bed because he will let her do anything she desires. I on the other hand demand rules and guidelines to be followed by my girls. I train them to do what works best in this house. So she knows she cannot get away with such things on my side of the bed. (I tell you, they are practically human) Sheba struts her feathers in more ways then one. She will get onto hubby’s back and lay so smug each night. Hubby will be in major cramping pains but would rather suffer then to disturb his baby. Then he has the gall to whine about how tired and sore he is the next day. Ha, No sympathy from me!

We have debated getting that king sized bed but I like the extra room in the bedroom and I have come to the conclusion that no matter how large of bed we get, that Sheba will insist on being right up beside her daddy.

Our yellow tabby, of 16 years (God bless his soul) was never as much trouble as these two little furry things can be. He would sleep on the chair in the bedroom each night. Some times Cheetah will get in that chair on warmer nights but to this day, Sheba for some reason has never gotten into that chair. Sheba is top cat in the house but it seems as though she knows that chair once belonged to him. (the girls showed up 4 months after he passed on to kitty heaven) I can only assume that she somehow knows that was his sacred sleeping spot and to show him respect, she does not use his thrown. I find that odd coming from such a Queen…

Now the ladder is a bit over the top but I can see how that happened. One Christmas after opening gifts, we left a sweater box on the floor in the living room. Yellow tabby immediately jumped into the tissue lined box and claimed it for himself. He was so content, how could we take such a simple thing away from our boy? Eventually his box lay flat as he had crushed the sides down and the tissue paper was torn to bits. That box stayed in the middle of the living room floor for a year! It made a wonderful conversation piece! The following Christmas, yellow tabby got a new pet bed and the box disappeared. He loved the bed and never missed his box. Now just why did it take me a year to figure out that my cat would like a pet bed? Duh… I must admit that I hid the box from him just in case he did not like his new pet bed, then he would have gotten his box back. I had mixed emotions when tossing that crushed box into the trashcan. What these pets do to us is just crazy!

Monday, January 29, 2007 1:28:00 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

I feel very bad after reading your post Sandy. After much thought, I realize that I have never bought my babies anything super special. I feel like a penny pinching mean old grinch of a Mommy. Of course, I have let them ruin every sofa, chair and blanket in the house by their sleeping and pawing on all of them. But I guess that doesn't count huh? I guess I will have to go to PetSmart tomorrow and buy something to make up for my lack-luster gift giving. I have been wanting to get a little tent for my kitties anyway!

OK Stacey,I have a ladder story also. This come from my Mother-who I don't claim when she does really red neck stuff like this. She is truly one of those crazy cat ladies you see on TV. My brother-who is grown and still lives at home-went up on the roof of the house one day in July of 2004 to fix something.The ladder is still there (with weeds and grass grown all around the bottom of it) because the kitties like to climb up the ladder to the roof and sun themselves.I only go home for Thanksgiving every year and as we approach her house, it never fails that one of the kids wonders aloud if the ladder is still going to be there perched on the front of the house. It always is!

Skeeter, we have done the same thing with boxes too. Our kitties love playing and sleeping in them. I can usually keep them around for a couple of months while the hubby is gone-but when he gets home he sneaks and throws them away...needless to say he is not the kitties favorite person!

Monday, January 29, 2007 2:13:00 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

Gee, Shannon, are you comparing ME to some "crazy cat lady"??????

I think I may resemble that remark. LOL

Boy, can I identify with the ruining furniture thing. My couch and love seat and the recliner and the rocker....yep, all scratched up from all the years of cat exposure. Whoever posted on a different thread about their husband complaining that "we can't ever have anything nice" because of the pets. YEP! That's the way it is at my house too. I guess if having something "nice" means my house is no longer cat and dog friendly, then I don't want anything "nice".

Monday, January 29, 2007 2:28:00 PM  
Blogger Skeeter said...

I passed on purchasing a $3,000 Egyptian rug that was perfect for my hard to match dining room! I just knew the girls would barf on it and ruin it over time. Loving my babies like I do, I passed on the rug and no rug is under my dining room table and that is just one more thing I don’t have to vacuum!

I told you that we don’t do much without first thinking of the girls…

Monday, January 29, 2007 2:53:00 PM  
Blogger Pam said...

Well people our girls love boxes too and I can nver set a empty laundry basket down near one of them. They love to curl up there especially the baby Penelope.
Skeeter, buy the bed! One of the best ivestments we ever made. It gave us plenty of room even when all 4 of our girls slept with us when Samantha was still alive. The three still all sleep with us some night but for sure every night Brittany and Penelope does. Penelope is so independant and everything has to be her idea but I have a way fo making her lay down and cuddle with me. She is jealous of Brittany and Courtney laying by me so if I want her beside me I raise my voice and call Brittany, Courtney come and lay with Mommy.She looks at me all curious and I may have to repeat it two or three times but she makes sure she comes over by me before either of the other two can. She is so spoiled.
We bought them one of those really tall perches. I think it's 12 feet tall and has several levels to lay on and some tous hanging from it. They like it for about a week then we ahve to put it in the basment for awhile. They only want it when they think it's new,ha. They have more toys than 50 cats but are very picky about what they like and when.
Shannon I saw in a flyer the other day that Fred's had the cutest beds, they look llike little brass beds, sooo cute! I have planned to go get three of them for our girls but---- they won't sleep in the ones they have now.Samantha and thier other sister ( also in heaven )Cosette loved thier beds and took turns with each other for each others beds. They cuddled together a lot too. Samantha had a Garfield bed that is so cozy but none of these pick butts will use it or the other one either. I washed themseveral times after Sammy and Cosette died but they still don't like them. They like being on our bed and the sofas and the chairs and the floor and wherever else they choose. I made them one bed out of a soft pillow with a babys blanket on it, Brittany and Penelope like it.
Sandy I am thrilled to hear Peanut has a new ball all his own! His bed is just adorable too. I saw those when they did a story on the person who makes them and I wanted them for our girls but just hadn't gotten around to buying them. Skeeter you hubby is a gem to love your kitty like that, enjoy that! Jon loves ours but doesn't give them that much attention very often just once in awhile. If he was in pain he for sure wouldn't endure just to let them stay comfortable. And he is always saying things to me too about buying them things. He says well there's another toy or whatever to collect dust and be ignored. He is right most of the time ha.
The most recent thing I bought them was a kitty jungle gym for Christmas, so cute and they do like it although they don't play with it all that much. They like laying on it more than playing in and on it. If I could do it they would play with the fishing pole every day but I don't have the energy to do it all the time. Oh yea we have a laaser light toy they love to chase and that gives me a cramp in my hand after awhile so have to stop. I wish they liked the things they can do on thier own more. I've bought them the circle with the balls in them toys, and the automatic fishing pole things. One is a Garfield holding the fishing pole and it goes round and round then reverses and ect. They only like it for a few minutes.
Our sweet Tiger boy 9 also in heaven ) loved to sit in a doll high chair and look at the patio door. He'd sit there for hours. He'd lean over on the little food tray and look so cute. Jon would say "kick back and be cool Buddyroe" and Tiger would lean over when he said that. He knew what was being said. He was such a smart kitty, will ahve more stories about him later on.
One more thing, we cannot pack a suitcase without one of them, usually Brittany climbing in it. When Daddy comes home from trips they love sniffing his bags and laying on them. Oh yea they love palying with his shoe strings, he does play that with them sometimes.

Monday, January 29, 2007 3:01:00 PM  
Blogger jdt said...

I say get the bigger bed, but the only ones who will get the extra room are the babies. My husband and I have a king size bed and all 4 of our poms sleep with us. My husband and I end up sharing, if we are lucky, half the bed and the four poms take up the rest. My husband will wake me up sometimes during the night because he is about to fall off the bed from no room. He will ask me to move over and I tell him I can't the babies are there, he says "move them over" which I respond with "but they are sleeping." It drives him crazy.

My husband has to work nights every other month and it cracks me up when the dogs realize it. Normally, we sleep with Annabelle (the baby) right next to me with her head on the pillow by mine and her body tucked under the covers. (Some mornings her and I wake up with our noses together) Next, Zander sleeps against my side. Next, Jake sleeps about even with my knees. Then at the bottom of the bed, Abby sleeps facing the door always on alert for some kind of intruder. She is a bit high strung. However, as soon as they realize my husband isn't coming to bed, they immediately change positions. Annabelle still shares the pillow with me, but then Zander sleeps with his head on my husband's pillow, and Jake moves up to take Zander's old spot. Abby still has to sleep facing the door, but she does scoot up closer to me.

They really crack me up when it is bedtime. I just have to tell them it is time to go night-night with mommy and they all come running and jump on the bed, except for Annabelle. She usually lays on the couch and waits for me to come pick her up (she is REALLY SPOILED). She likes to pretend she can't jump up on the bed so we will always pick her up. The problem is any other time we watch her jump up and down on our bed. We also have little doggy stairs for them to use, but they are somewhere in our garage since we moved a month ago.

Also, every night Abby will pace on the bed until I tell her to come give me night-night kisses. As soon as she comes over and licks my nose, she will immediately lay down and go to is so adorable, that she has to have her kisses goodnight.

Monday, January 29, 2007 6:02:00 PM  
Blogger Birdie said...

What a great bed! I have been telling my husband for a longtime that Birdie and Socks need a nice fluffy bed. However, so far he is strictly against it. Plus Birdie and Socks are not helping my case when they decide to sleep in old boxes from the Sam's Club. One day I will get that fluffy bed and if they don't want to sleep in it..then heck I will. :P
I think they only "extra" thing I bought for my cats SO FAR is a super kingsize potty and a huge climbing tree. HA!

Monday, January 29, 2007 6:10:00 PM  
Blogger Sandy Britt said...

We by the pet beds and other stuff more for ourselves (and in my case to yang The Boss's chain) than for the pets. And if my husband ever loved having a cat sleep on his head, you know it's a new husband I have and not the old one! LOL.

How about a cat bed attached to the headboard? You know, like those cat perches that hook on a window sill? I wonder if they'd go for that?

It's so funny how the animals have their routines, just like we do. Scooter always is in my spot, and he KNOWS it's my spot, but I usually have to say "MOVE." He obeys right away; I think he's just likes to annoy me. Yes, he's truly my child and why I can't stay mad at him...he's just like me!

As for nice things. I am lucky, because my cats scratch only their carpeted cat tree. I got rid of all carpet, so that's not an issue. My worst enemy is the dog hair, especially Scooter's. You know it was bad the other day when The Boss actually got out the dust mop! LOL. We put in a new kitchen floor not too long ago--just stick on vinyl tile.It's faux slate, but that is the BEST pattern, becuse you don't see ANY dirt or hair! I mean, I know it's there; you just can't see it, which is all I care about!

Monday, January 29, 2007 6:24:00 PM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

We actually bought a toddler bed for Stella. I found it at a yard sale and cleaned it up for her. She used it for a while until one night she turned over and fell off. That was the end of that. I took our bed off the frame so it wouldn't so high for Mattie and Oscar to jump on. We have an extra think mattress and hubby refused to let me buy the little steps, so one day when he was at work I took apart the frame and put the mattress and box springs on the floor. When he came home he was so mad at me. He's been telling me for almost a year that he's going to put the bed back together, but he hasn't yet. Ha-ha! The only other thing I do that might be a little strange is shower with Mattie and Oscar. I get just as wet as they do when I bathe them, (mostly from Mattie who HATES baths) so I might as well. Mattie does better with a shower than a bath and I don’t have to fight her when they are in there together.

My hubby is bald and Jazzy cat thinks it's his job to keep his head warm at night. When hubby moves him, he comes right back and will lick his head, which really annoys him even more. Occasionally Jazzy will get under the covers to sleep, usually after hubby has gone to work. But then again that’s when all of them, especially Stella thinks it's her time to get up. She's like sleeping with another person, she's so big.

Monday, January 29, 2007 7:13:00 PM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

P.S. Sandy my hubby asked where the canopy was? He said if you were going to go that far, you might as well go all the way. MEN!

Monday, January 29, 2007 7:23:00 PM  
Blogger Sandy Britt said...

Peanut is a Little Man, not a Little Girl, so why he didn't get the canopy. LOL.

I love the story of taking down the bed. LOL. Hubby will learn to just do what you want in the first place, or the alternative could be worse.

I have a set of pet stairs a friend's husband made that she gave me. The dogs don't like them. They are bigger and don't really need them, but Zoe is getting up in years and having a bit of difficulty. I think the reason they don't like them is that the are 1) new and 2) bare wood. So I got some carpet squares to cut and stick on for traction. Just haven't got around to doig it yet!

Monday, January 29, 2007 11:29:00 PM  

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Sandy Britt, an animal welfare advocate and volunteer with Clarksville rescue organizations, takes care of three dogs: Zoe, Scooter and Peanut; two cats: Catfish and Tarzan; and one husband, Glen, and according to him she takes care of them in that order.

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