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Pet People

Monday, February 12, 2007

A New Happy Day!

Been having some sad topics lately, so time to lighten things up! I had to write first thing this morning, even though it seems to me to be the middle of the night. Yes, this is my first day back to day shift!

Had a great meal at a friend's house last night and wanted to stay longer,(and eat more of my friends GREATEST cornbred EVER) but wanted to make sure I got to bed very early. I did, but I kept waking up all night long, as my body still thinks I'm supposed to be UP at 1 a.m! The dogs, too, got used to the late night schedule and woke me up around midnight to go out.

I let them out this morning and I smelled rain! The first day they have to stay out while The Boss and I are at work! Yes, they have a covered deck, dog houses and warm bedding, but I still worry.

Here is a picture of Peanut in the dog house, and that's what I'll be thinking all day--poor babies all alone for longer than they are used to! Peanut and Zoe were around when I worked full-time days before, but Scooter has been used to Mommy around more! The Boss said, for the millionth time, "They'll be FINE." Yes, I know they will, but you know how it is to worry--and feel guilty.

So tell me about how YOU feel guilty. Lately, though I'm was here more with them, I often was rushing around doing chores, with the trio of dogs pitifully following me around just waiting for my attention. I MUST make more "quality" time for them. What amazes me most about dogs, is that even if they have other dogs around for company, they seem to always prefer attention from humans, don't they? Why they truly are man--and woman's best friend!

posted by Sandy at 2/12/2007 05:55:00 AM


Blogger Pam said...

Sandy, I always feel guilty about ever little thing. Like tomorrow night we're supposed to go to Murfreesboro to baby sit the grand kids and it's going to be over night. I don't ahve anyone to come in and give the girls thier breakfast on Wed. morning. I worry about fires while we are gone and it's too cold to turn the heat off which I was doing ever time I left the house before it got so cold. Please say a prayer my girls will stay safe while we are gone!
I'm sure your babies will be fine too. They probably like getting to be outside and they have a good warm place when they want it. You take great care of them and they know it so don't worry! Good luck with the new schedual!

Monday, February 12, 2007 9:10:00 AM  
Blogger Skeeter said...

Pam, if I were in Clarksville, I would gladly feed your adorable babies for you! Sorry that I cannot make the 6 hour drive to help you out!

Sandy, I know your guilt but I bet those babies are saying, "ah finally, some peace and quiet around here!" Animals are so adaptable that they will adjust in no time at all so don’t worry too much. Mommy has to make money to give those babies all their fun things in life!

We drove to our friend’s house in Atlanta for the day yesterday. Even though it was for only a long day, I wondered if the girls were missing us. We got home to two happy babies meeting us at the door. They were stretching their bodies and yawning to wake themselves up to say hello to us. Within 10 minutes, they were back in bed. I don’t think they even missed us at all…

On the drive to Atlanta we saw a coyote. Hubby just about made a complete stop on the interstate to allow him to cross in front of us. We got a good look at him. He was a beautiful thing that resembled a Sheppard dog. He had a sort of smile to his face and happily trotted off into the woods. He or she was a beautiful animal. Unfortunately we saw many critters that did not make it across the interstate safely. How sad for me to see…

Cheetah gave mommy some barf to clean up first thing this morning. The 6 small piles all over the sunroom carpet, was full of fur from her good grooming skills! Those girls may get their spring hair cuts sooner then planned!

Monday, February 12, 2007 12:05:00 PM  
Blogger Sandy Britt said...

You know what's funny about dogs especially? If you are gone 5 minutes or 5 days, they react the same when they greet you! I know they don't have the sense of time we do, but we can't help thinking THEY think like us humans.

The cats could care less. All they want is their treat when I walk in, not ME. Oh, and Tarzan meows for me to open the door, as he will only use the pet door if I am not around to serve him. LOL.

My cats are shorthair, so I don't have the hairball puking problem!

I just hope when I get home that Scooter isn't a muddy mess. He loves being outside, especially when it's cold, but he likes to dig and root around. I surely will NOT feel like giving him a bath when I get home! Ya think The Boss would take that on if necessary? LOL.

Monday, February 12, 2007 1:26:00 PM  
Blogger Pam said...

Skeeter. God bless your sweet heart! It means a lot just to know you are so willing to help and I'd do the same for you, too bad we aren't neighbors. Speaking of, sure hope we get some good ones next door. The ones that just sold the house didn't want anything to do with anyone in the neighborhood. Tell ya'all that story another time. The ONLY good thing to say about them is there were dog lovers and had three little cuties. I wold ask Shannon to get me some good neighbors in the same cul de sac with me but the folks are selling by owner, shoot!
I bet that Coyote was a pretty thing ,they look just like dogs. We saw a real Kentucky Wildcat ( not the basketball version which we are huge fans of ) on one of our trips back home and it was just walking through someones back yard ( near Lexinton ) and it was beautiful! I aslo hate seeing poor little creatures on the roads that didn't make it. I say a prayer every time we leave the house to let us not hit any animals, see anyone else hit any and not or see any animals suffering along the way. I swear I pray that ever time. I also pray that every animal we see that is dead died instantly and didn't suffer. It kills my heart to thin of any animal suffering. Even a danged snake, as much as I hate them and am scared of them I don't even want them to suffer. I am such a nutcase!

Monday, February 12, 2007 6:14:00 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...


I hope all your babies did fine today. I know telling you not to worry about them isn't going to change the fact that you are going to! It wasn't too cold outside today so hopefully they got lots of fresh air and maybe not too much mud.Peanut looks adorable and very comfortable. And I agree, my dog does seem to prefer my company over other dogs. My daughter will bring her little fox terrier over to play and Harley gets excited for a bit but settles down very quickly. But let me get up and move from sitting with her and she is right with little shadow.

You mentioned eating the best cornbread. Was it the kind with a hard crust on the outside or is it soft? My Grandma used to make cornbread that was hard and crunchy on the yummy for dipping in ketchup.I can't remember how she made it tho. I have started a new diet and I am hungry. Cornbread sounds very good right now.

Skeeter, the first time I saw a coyote I thought it was a dog. It was a couple of years ago when it had snowed and it was running along in the trees that line the river behind our house. I heard a pack of them behind our house once after that. The howling woke me up-beautiful but very eerie.

Pam, I am going to be out and about Wed. Seriously, if you need someone to check on your girls or feed them, I will be glad to. You sound like me on a trip. I do the same thing. I am a saver too. Even if I don't like an animal or insect, I will try to save it from a horrible death. We have a pool and everytime I go outside, I do a check to if there are spiders, roaches, bees etc that need to be saved from drowning. I use a net and save all of them I can. I have even rescued a snake that was being sucked into the little filter. My poor kids do it now too. I also have a bucket that we use to rescue mice that my kitties have caught and injured. I get my kitties away from it and then scoop the mouse into the bucket. Then I take them out to the field behind our house and release them. I know, I should just let nature take its course. Oh well, if it was a cat that was hungry I probably wouldn't mess with it- but mine just want to play with them and kill them.

Monday, February 12, 2007 6:56:00 PM  
Blogger Skeeter said...

I will fess up on myself by telling a snake story...
When we moved into this house 5 years ago, I knew snakes may be a problem with woods being all around us. But we have manicured grass all around the house so I did not think it would be too much of a problem. Well, that first year I saw snakes left and right! One time I heard the birds going crazy in the yard. I looked outside and saw the biggest snake I had ever seen outside of a zoo in the yard! The thing was as big as my arm and about 6 feet long! Scared the living be-gibers out of me! The birds were dive-bombing it and running it around the yard. I about had a cow with the size of this thing. Hubby was in the shower and I yelled at him to come get this snake. He was like, yeah what ever, I am in the shower. I heard my neighbor which I had only said hello to once over the fence. I yelled, “Do you have a gun over there”? He said, “Well, yes”. I yelled, “Then will you come over here and kill this snake for me?” He said, “Well, yes I will come over there”… He was probably thinking what crazy person has moved in next to us? By the time he got here, hubby was in his rob wet from head to toe fussing at me for bothering the neighbor. He thought I had lost my mind. Well, my neighbor, Bless his heart (okay I am true southern) said, “I really do not want to kill this snake. He is a good snake.” I said, “Well then I will make you a deal. You don’t have to kill it but take that good snake into your yard!” He laughed at me then did just that. Hubby was so mad at me for getting the neighbor involved. I guess he thought he was going to be my hero and save my day but my hero was in the shower and not taking me serious! The next day the snake was on the other side of our house and hubby led it into the woods. I did not go outside without a hoe in my hand for over a week. Then I bought a BB gun.

I would grab my BB gun (here comes the bad part) and shot those suckers when I saw them! After shooting them for a few weeks, it started to bother me. I do not like to kill anything other then a spider or ant so I got on the computer and did a bit of research on snakes. I found out about them and have not killed but one since. Sorry, the rattle snake had to go! I will even pick up the small ones that I know are harmless when I have my gardening gloves on. I bought books on reptiles, butterflies, mammals and birds so now I can identify all the critters in our yard. I know I was bad for killing the snakes but I educated myself and I no longer do it. So now the snakes are my friends.

One time a snake was in the bluebird house coiled up resting after he had eaten dinner. I could tell he had something in his belly with it swelled. We snapped a pretty good picture of the snake. I was glad the brood of blue birds had left the nest! We only had a really bad snake problem that first year in this house. We were under a bad drought and I just think they were on the move looking for water because we have not seen that many in one season since. Or the word got out that Annie Oakley lived here!

Monday, February 12, 2007 7:24:00 PM  
Blogger Skeeter said...

Shannon, I just posted my snake story and now see your letter. I am afraid you will hate me for killing those snakes. And I promise, I only kill spiders that get into my house. I don’t bother the ones in the yard or flower garden. I once worked in a pharmacy and we had a customer that had been bitten by a spider and I saw what they can do so they do not get a chance in my house. Now you do not have fire ants there yet but they are making their way up there. I read recently that they have crossed into TN but not into Clarksville yet. Believe me, when you get them, you too will be having death thoughts... sorry...

We sleep with the windows open on nice nights for the fresh air. We now hear the coyotes howling in the night and it is indeed an eerie sound. I am not sure but one night I thought I was hearing a coon hunt. I heard hound dogs barking and I heard people yelling off in the distant. In the country the sound really carry’s at night so I am not sure how close or far they were from the house but it was kind of sad to think of the dogs chasing a coon and people going to shoot it…

Since seeing a coyote trot through our yard last summer, we do not open the windows at night but a few inches. I am afraid they may see our girls sitting in the window and try to get them through the screens. We also close all the windows in the sunroom at dusk as it faces the back woods. Am I paranoid or what?

I read in our paper today that the honey bee population has decline by 50% this past year! They have no idea what is happening to them. We need bees for honey and to help pollinate the gardens so they are a bit worried about their decline. If any of you eat honey on a regular basis, I suggest you stock up now before the price goes up…

Monday, February 12, 2007 7:38:00 PM  
Blogger dragon said...

The puppies will be fine.

Sandy, good luck at getting used to your day shift. Some times it takes a while for your body to adjust. I went from working days to working nights, and I loved it. I had no problem shifting from days to nights. After about ten to twelve years of working nights, I had to start working days again. To this day my body hasn’t adjusted to working days. I reckon I’m a night person because it seems like I took to working night shift, like a fish takes to water.

The puppies will be fine.
The puppies will be fine.

Your puppies will be just fine outside. Remember they have those nice fur coats. Wifey-pooh does the same thing. It’s one of those things I don’t understand. I know it makes me sound insensitive. They will be fine. Well, look at me, I grew up just fine. Of course there are going to be those who’ll say that I never grew up. And that’s OK with me.

The puppies will be fine.
The puppies will be fine.
The puppies will be fine.

I sent you an e-mail of a picture of the Kitty Kastle. Hope to see it on the blog. The picture was of it in its unfinished stage. Could not find a picture of it finished in all of its glory. That’s probably a good thing; I would never hear the end of demolishing it. Yes I’m fully aware that if I need to get rid of something to check with all the girls first. Don’t let my male aggression get the better of me and smash something into a million pieces.

The puppies will be fine.
The puppies will be fine.
The puppies will be fine.
The puppies will be fine.
The puppies will be fine.
The puppies will be fine.
The puppies will be fine.
The puppies will be fine.

Monday, February 12, 2007 8:55:00 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

I'm sure the puppies had a great day, romping in the yard and just generally being dogs. They'll adjust. Mine have had to get used to being alone (except for the kitties) for around 9 hours during the work day, and they are fine. Of course, they are indoors, which considering Lucy used to chew on things she shouldn't.... Let's just indoors was an adventure at one time.

Sounds like Dragon is chanting a mantra for you.....

Monday, February 12, 2007 10:07:00 PM  
Blogger Sandy Britt said...

Shannon-the cornbread. First let me tell you I am a born Yankee, and Yankees never heard of cornbread. I never liked the homemade kind The Boss's mom made--I prefer the Jiffy mix because I like its smoother texture and sweeter taste. Well, my friend made it from scratch WITH some sugar and she also makes it with some concoction of yellow cornmeal and flour and other stuff I guess (I don't know what you usually make it with)and so it had the TASTE I like but much better than the mix. And yes, it was harder on the outside and softer on the inside and very good! She said if she gives me the recipe I also have to make it in a cast iron skillet. This Yank has much to learn.

I also love hearing you all talk about saving bugs and such. I though I was the only crazy one. I have lady bugs that come in in fall/winter and I just let them go. IF they are on their little backs struggling, I flip them over back on their feet--same with beetles that get traped outside in the dogs water bowls. I also try to get moths in my hand to take back outside an once took out a screen to get a fly back outside.

Hanging out with you guys makes me feel more normal by the day! LOL

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 5:36:00 AM  
Blogger Sandy Britt said...

I might try leaving the dogs IN today becuase it looks like an all day rain. Yes, they have a covered deck and dog houses with blankies in, but still, it is damp and cool. Scooter will be totally muddy if I leave them out, and the boss is the first to greet them, which means he would have towel or bath duty, which means I would HEAR about it the minute I come home, which means it will ANNOY me, which means I think I will leave them it. I'd rather clean up pee or poop that give Scooter a bath. LOL

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 5:38:00 AM  
Blogger Shannon said...


If I had seen a snake the size you did... I think I would have to rethink my rescue ideas completely...or at least hide until it was gone. Skeeter we lived in lower Alabama for years so I am very familiar with the lovely fireants. My daughters were both toddlers at the time and it was a huge concern for kids. They would be toddling around the yard and all of a sudden screaming their little heads off.You would see the red ants all over their feet.No mound in sight-just out of nowhere. I have to admit I did put chemicals on the ant mounds. I truly hated doing it and could not bear to go out and see the ants suffering after I did. I have always felt guilty for that.

Sandy, could I over-look the moths and ladybugs? We get ons of those in our house too. If its really cold outside-instead of putting them outside I deposit them on a houseplant. I tell myself they are eating something off the plant therefore they are happy. Yes, we are all nuts but at least we are not alone. And absolutely-you must cook cornbread in a cast iron skillet. I think my Mom always used a little bacon grease to make it extra healthy. For the kids-we make the jiffy mix and put A LOT of sugar in it and cook it in mufiin cups. Sugar is a food group at our house. Not my favorite way to eat it but still good. I usually use the cornmeal to make my adult cornbread but haven't done it in years.

I concur about the bath-pee or poop is a pretty quick job..the bath takes too long and breaks my old back!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 7:57:00 AM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

The only good bug is a dead bug and that goes for ALL snakes. If it even remotely looks like it's going to come in the house, its dead. I HATE BUGS!!! There are very few bugs in CO, so moving to VA has been an experience for this bug and snake hater. Snakes are unnatural; they have no legs and move. You all can save all the bugs and snakes you want, but if they come near me, it's dead. My Hubby just laughs at me about it, but I'm serious. I have had the exterminator to our apartment 3 times since last May. They told me last time they were there a couple of weeks ago that we didn't really have a bug problem and it wasn't necessary for them to spray. I told them I saw a bug on the kitchen floor and that was not ok with me. I made them spray under the fridge and stove to ease my mind. The worst is when the cat sees one and starts playing with it. I FREAK OUT! I will stand on a chair until Hubby kills it. Give me bears and mountain lions any day over bugs and snakes!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 9:45:00 AM  
Blogger Pam said...

Shannon, bless your heart! Yes, I'm southern too as I'm sure you've figured out by now. Anyway if we were going to be gone longer I would for sure take tyou up on your offer. Can I have a rain check? We aren't leaving till this afternoon and will be back in the morning fairly early so I think the girls will be ok, We left them taht long about a month ago and they were fine. We'll keep the heat on low since they have plenty of good warm spots to cuddle. You don't know how much i appreciate you offer, it means a lot to me. Again thanks!!!!!!!!!
Growing up cornbread was a staple in my home. My grandmother and Mom made it in the iron skilltes and I do like it that way but also like the softer version in baking pans. I make about a dozen varities of it too. As I mentioned before, I love to cook and make new recipes so I have a lot. Growing up we never had sweet cornbreads but now more than half of my recipes are sweet. If you are interested in my healthier version of it ,let me know. It tastes as good as my full fat ones too. It's not that hard to cook healthy and yet still be yummy. Anyway let me know if you want my recipe. Gonna rewrite my snake story in a few minutes.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 11:10:00 AM  
Blogger Pam said...

Ok, Back again to retell my snake story for any of you who missed it on one of the earliest blogs. Actually I ahve two stories cause I just remember another pretty good one.
Now I am deathly FRAID of snakes! So afraid that I can't walk past a dead snake mashed flat in the road or toy rubber snakes. I have jumped out of my hide at pieces of string and etc. thata even remotely looks like a snake. So now you get the gist of my fear, unreasonable it my be I will keep it thank you, if desensitation (sp? )is the only way to lose the fear. I am NOT getting close enough to touch any kind of snake. I baby sat a friend
s littel boy one time and he brough his rubber snake. His Mom told him to hide it so I wouldn't get scared of it. Well he was only 6 so he picked what he thought would be a good place. The next day I sat down in the recliner and put my arm down on the arm of the chair and felt a llittle bumpy something there. I peeked under the arm cover, ( you know how you ahve that piece of material that goes over the arms of chairs ) and I saw the very tail of that snake. It sent chills through me and I ahd to get it out of ther. Now I know you think I'm nuts and that may well be but-- thats my fear! I went upstais and got a towel. I took the towel and got hold of the snake then wrpped it so I couldn't see it and put in the garage till Nicky came to get it.
Now to the other one. We went to the Chatanooga aquarium when it first opened. I love aquariums as they are so relxing but I stay away from the snake area when they ahve them. The only way to enter back then ( has it changed ? ) was to take the escalater up then go through. I had asked where the snake area was and was told they didn't know for sure but didn't think it was at the beginning of where we were going. Got up to the top and asked agin. The woman said it's right through there where you enter. I thought I was going to pass out, seriously. I got weak in the knees and almost dropped to the floor but Jon held me. I was told there was no other exit or stairs to go back down and I had absolutely no choice but to go past the snakes. I really didn't think I could do it. Jon said he ahd a idea. He said close your eyes and put on your sunglasses and I'll lead you through it. I'll tell you when we are away from the snakes. I honestly didn't think I coould even do that but since there was no other way out what could I do? So here we go, me with the sunglasses on hlding Jon's arm, him leading me like a blind person through the snake area! People must have wondered why a blind person was there. Jon said keep your eyes closed becasue there are snakes on both sides of us. Oh I cannot tell you how that made me feel. I could feel them there! It was terrible and I was in a huge ammount of stress after we passed that area. I really needed the fish to help me after that plus I could ahve used some tranquilizers as well,ha!
Sandy, on the Ladybugs, I have always thought they were the cutest little things then came the "Invasion!" A few year sback my kitchen filled up with them and when I say filled, I mean FILLED! There wre about 250 of the little buggers and I have to say it was kind of frightening! I am not afraid of anything besides snakes, not even spiders, rats, mice , nothing but that many of anything is disturbing. I had to call the exterinator. They said it is all the sun coming into my kitchen. They made the same invasion ever spring and sometimes fall. It's creepy. I still think they are cute but in limited amounts.
As for spiders, not afraid as I said but I have seen what a brown recluse can do to you and fire ants can do a pretty good job on you too so can't be too sympathetic sometimes. You have to be careful!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 11:34:00 AM  
Blogger Pam said...

And Dragon what you said about the agression thing, Good Boy! Good Boy!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 11:35:00 AM  
Blogger jdt said...

Okay, you gals are snake saver here...I have the most unnatural fear of them and could easily scale a 30foot flat surface to get away from one...I want them all dead or no where near me...I realize the snake is one of god's creatures and it serves a purpose, but I seriously think I could die of a heart attack from being to close to one. I can't even go into the snake house at the zoo without having a panic attack.

One night at our old house, I went outside to bring the dogs in, and Annabelle was running around with something in her mouth, so I went out and told her to drop it. She did and I discovered it was hald of a dead snake. I was so freaked out! I told my husband about it and he just laughed. I swear I didn't want the dogs to go back outside for days because of it.
It is weird that I have thhis fear. I grew up in the country and we occasionally had snakes. My mom was never afraid of them after growing up on a farm, but me...I have always been terrified.

When I was around 12, I was mowing our yard on the riding mower and saw a snake in the yard. I immediately jumped off the mower and ran screaming into the house. My mom had been in the bath and she heard me screaming so she threw on a skimpy little robe and ran downstairs to see me, thinking I had cut my foot off. She was yelling at me what is wrong, and I was trying to breathe to tell her there was a snake in the yard. I eventually got that out and she started laughing. Then she asked me where the mower was, I told her I just jumped off and ran. (This was before the safety feature that if you take your weight off the seat the mower automatically turns off) So next, my mom takes off in our front yard in her robe that barely covers her, to chase down the riding lawn mower that is now heading for the creek with about a 12 foot drop that was on the side of our house. Luckily she made it just barely before the mower would have gone over the edge. Looking back it was quite comical...the neighbors always did think we were strange...of course, none of this would have occurred if the darn snake had not been in our yard...i really can't stand them!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 11:46:00 AM  
Blogger Sandy Britt said...

My sister is SO afraid of bugs! She was visiting here once and we went out to look at a lunar eclipse. She didn't close the door right and we were out for about an hour in the dark in summer. Well, when we came back in there were bugts everywhere, some I never saw before. She starts screaming in the bathroom and gets me in there to point out some weird long insect and grabs her camera and says, "I have to show everyone back home what kind of bugs Tennessee has!"

I told her that SHE would have the same friggin' bugs in her house if SHE left her door wide open at night in summer!

The Boss has an unatural fear of snakes passed down for generations on the male side of his family. His dad actually shot a GUN in a house at a snake and almost hit his sister! No joking about snakes with the Boss. My Dad was like that too. Good grief, they do say women often marry their "dad." LOL

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 6:50:00 PM  
Blogger Skeeter said...

As I was reading your snake story while in the aquarium, I was thinking of what you hit on... Why is a blind person in an aquarium? I had to laugh at that one. Each morning we find at least 5 lady bugs in our bathroom. I have no idea why just the bathroom. I put them in plants which we bring in for the winter because they eat little things on the plants that our eyes do not see.... The cats don’t seem to take much notice of them. They just sit and watch them but don’t seem to paw at them…

My nephew and his bride were married in Gatlinburg this past Oct. Some of the family members arrived a few days early to make a little vacation out of this trip. They had just released thousand upon thousand lady bugs into the park to do their job of eating damaging pest to the trees. Well, the lady bugs decided they wanted to take up at the hotel instead! The wedding was planned outside in a garden. Mom and I walked around the hotel to scope out the garden to find the bugs everywhere! We must have killed hundreds by walking on them. I felt bad about squashing them but you could not walk without stepping on them. They were all over the room balconies. We feared the wedding would have to take place inside due to those beautiful little ladies. As luck would have it, they mostly moved on by the day of the wedding. We kept telling the bride and groom, just remember, Lady Bugs are a sign of good luck!

Your story of the snake and the lawn mower had me falling out of my chair with laughter! I was visualizing your wet mother in her skimpy robe chasing after the run-away mower! Thanks for the laugh!

I have a funny to tell on my dad. At one time in his life, he was really scared of snakes. Just as Pam, he would not go into a place with them behind glass. He would have taken the aquarium backwards if he had too and no one would have stopped him! He is not so bad today as his fear seems to have lessoned over the years. In his fearing days, Mom was at the kitchen window as he was on his riding mower. She wondered what he was doing going forward then backward then forward then backward. She continued to watch that action until he stopped the mower and got off and started towards the house. Then he was going back to the mower carrying a shovel or some type tool. (I am telling this second person) He was poking at something then scooped it up on the tool and was walking towards the house with a big smile on his face. Mom met him in the yard with curiosity. He was so proud of himself because he actually got close enough to this snake to kill it. He was playing cat and bringing it to mom as a gift of his braveness! How funny… Mom is not scared of snakes and she was trying to figure out what type of snake it was. She said she had never seen a snake like that before in her life. It had some pink and other strange colors not normal with most snakes. Then it hit her, she about died laughing! The grandkids had been at the house over the weekend and they had left their rubber snake in the yard! Grandpa had killed their rubber snake! This story comes up in the family at times and to this day, dad still gets a bit upset with us for bringing that up because he was so proud of himself that day, well, until mom burst his bubble! Oh, he will kill me if he sees this… Mom, I know you read these so mums the word okay…

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 7:12:00 PM  
Blogger Skeeter said...

I noticed no one gave a recipe for cornbread. I also know some of us are on diets from the Christmas and winter goodies but here is a simple and wonderful recipe if anyone is interested. My grandmother was born and raised in Waverly TN and moved to Clarksville later on so this is a true TN recipe! Well, I say recipe, in our family we mostly cook by feel so mom and I had to come up with a recipe for me when I was younger and needed recipes. Do not even try this recipe unless you have a cast iron skillet or you will miss out on the true taste and texture!

In 9 inch CAST IRON skillet, place about a tablespoon of oil.
Place the skittle in the oven and set the temp at 450-degrees.
Allow the skillet and oil to heat up while you make the mixture.
2 cups of cornmeal (I usually use Martha White Self rising)
1 egg
¼ teaspoon baking soda
¼ teaspoon baking powder
1 tablespoon of flour
1 and ½ cups of buttermilk (you may need more)

The trick to moist cornbread is the amount of buttermilk you use. The less you use the dryer the cornbread. So mix the above in a mixing bowl. You want the mixture to be about like the consistency of pancake batter, but not too runny. Once the oven is preheated, carefully take the hot skillet out and quickly place on a safe surface. I usually do this on an eye of the stove. Then carefully pour the batter into the skillet. The hot oil will begin to cook the cornbread so do this quickly but carefully. Then place the skillet back into the oven for 20-30 minutes. At 20 minutes look to see if the top is brown. If not, continue to cook until the top is golden brown…

This will be the crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside cornbread. If it is runny on the inside, you used too much buttermilk. Start at the amount posted and if it is not moist enough for you, adjust the recipe to your taste. I bet you will love this cornbread. I got hubby and me a smaller 8 inch skillet and half the recipe (except for the egg, I use the whole one) and it is not that much for the two of us. You can also double the recipe and use a 10 inch skillet for larger groups but you will have to cook it much longer… Enjoy!

* Hint: this goes great with homemade white beans, black-eyed peas or chili. Hits the spot on those cold winter nights!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 7:35:00 PM  
Blogger Pam said...

Hey, on the cornbread recipes, I have a great one for jalepeno cheese cornabread! If anyone is interested let me know.

Friday, February 16, 2007 9:49:00 AM  
Blogger Skeeter said...

Sounds good. Send a message to Sandy for her to give you my email address... I would love the recipe for the Jalapeno cheese cornbread! Put subject as "Pam with cats" and I will know it is not a spam email and accidentally delete you! Hubby is a freak at spam mails and some real emails get zapped at times! Thanks and I am glad you are feeling better today!

Friday, February 16, 2007 12:13:00 PM  
Blogger Pam said...

Will do Skeeter. Sure wish your hubby could help me with the spam I get, it is unreal. I don't knw how to get rid of it without messing up my real mail. I am very unsavy on the computer.

Friday, February 16, 2007 2:59:00 PM  
Blogger Skeeter said...

I am lucky with hubby's computer skills! He learned his trade back in the Air Force before anyone knew what a computer was! He is good at what he does but unfortunately, not a lot of opportunities for his line of work due to "help" lines and the low cost of computer replacement today... He has all kinds of spy ware on our computer and he downloads updates on a regular basis. He does this for our parents when home on visits as well. I only get a few Spam mails a week if any… Maybe the next time we are in Clarksville, (if we have an extra afternoon) we can drop by and he can check out your system for you and give you some pointers...

Friday, February 16, 2007 5:21:00 PM  
Blogger Pam said...

Skeeter, that would be fantastic! It would be great meeting you in person too. We have got to get you guys from out of state here at the same time so we can all get together. If I can get a new houskeeper soon I would be happy to have everyone here.
Will get that recipe to you soon.

Saturday, February 17, 2007 7:22:00 AM  

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