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Pet People

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Frisky frolicking

Sorry I didn't post a topic yesterday, but I actually went back to bed after waking up early (again) and slept late! So, I had no time to post before work. This morning, I also slept late, until 12! So, hopefully I'll be feeling better and catching up even more on sleep. This past week was ROUGH.

Topic today: I want to hear about pet partnerships and play. What do two of your pets do together that is funny...or strange....or just wild!

Picture on top is Alice's cats, of whom she says, "The first picture is Herbie the Love Bug (aka Thumper, Miki) and Scootie on the cat condo. They like to nap on it with Scootie on the highest platform and Herbie on the next one down. Herbie also like the little round room."

My cats love their condo, though it's not as elaborate as Alice's. Those two are best buddies and the game I love to watch them play is hide and seek. Catfish will see Tarzan coming from the distance, so he hides and waits and loves to pounce on him, scaring him. It's hilarious. Tarzan does it to Catfish as well too.

Scooter and Zoe will wrestle, but not as much as they did in earlier days. Picture is of Scooter actually playing with Peanut! Peanut is usually too shy, but they will run around and chase each other in the yard.

Now, the funniest thing I've seen lately that two pets do together was something I witnessed last night. I've seen female dogs "hump" other dogs--male and female alike. My dogs have done this and they are all spayed or neutered. So, last night, a female dog named Lucy, decides to hump her housemate, Charlie. But, instead of the usual where the humper will face the same way as the humpee, Lucy decided to have some fun in the opposite direction as Charlie lied on the floor chewing a toy. Get my drift? I had NEVER seen dogs play that way before--it was a hoot.

I'll let some other Pet People fill in the details, as you all know who I am talking about. I went for a visit on my dinner break from work last night, as I found out they live very close. Thanks for the pizza! It was nice to go back to work with a full stomach.

posted by Sandy at 6/16/2007 02:12:00 PM


Blogger pearcehart said...

This conda was an amazing buy. I ordered it from and it cost $139.00 plus $23.96 shipping. It came from a company called Petsupplyfactory. My only complaint was that the instructions were not comprehensive. There was an exploded view diagram and that was it. I hate it when I have parts left over. It is very sturdy even when Scootie or Herbie launches off of it.

Saturday, June 16, 2007 3:18:00 PM  
Blogger Skeeter said...

I love the cat condo Alice! What a bargain indeed! Those things are so expensive at Petsmart. We have just a pole (Monkey Tree) that goes from floor to ceiling with three levels on it. It is carpeted but the Saint had to wrap rope around one of the poles as they shredded the carpet to nothing but fibers with their claws! The girls love the thing. I love to watch them batting at each other from different levels on the tree. They have such balance. The scary thing is that the tree is by the futon which we lay on a lot and when the girls jump down from the top level onto the futon top while you are laying on the futon, they scare the dickens out of you as you are not expecting them to jump then whamo!

My absolute favorite game to watch the girls play would be tag. Especially when I am lying in the bed and they are playing while the Saint takes his shower in the morning. They don’t play this game often but when they do, I get such a kick out of watching them! Sheba will sneak up behind Cheetah then pop her on the butt then turn around and run and hide while Cheetah chases her. Then Cheetah pops Sheba on the butt and turns and runs and so on. We have a circular race track for them from the bedroom, through the bathroom to the hallway and back into the bedroom to the bathroom and so on… They are adorable watching how they peek around corners at each other. My favorite part is while one is looking around one corner when the other one sneaks up behind them and pow! They are so entertaining….

Okay, Sandy, Stacey, Dragon and Brett had a foursome without inviting anyone else! Who else feels left out??? Boo hooo booo hooo. Okay, so I am in Georgia and would not have been there but hey, I might-a-could if I was invited!

Now I am not sure what to think of the Backwards Bump but sure sounds interesting… I guess Lucy did not want to miss out on what was going on behind her…. Hummmm the visual is just too much… Dragon I am sure you tried this with Guinevere when you got home right????

Did yall see my parents cat Pepper reading the Leaf Chronicle today?

Saturday, June 16, 2007 6:55:00 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

Gee, Skeeter, I hate to burst your bubble by pointing out that we actually had a FIVESOME, since Jeremy was also there. It all started innocently enough. Sandy and I sometimes go to dinner on her lunch break, and we knew Brett and Jeremy live close to downtown, so we said--"Hey, let's get together for dinner one day this week". Then it turned into Brett inviting us over to meet the fur babies over pizza. It was fun! That Pearl is the most beautiful cat I've ever seen. She is pure white. I don't think I've ever seen a pure white cat before. And those dogs are SPOILED ROTTEN! That Lucy is so sweet. But, Charlie didn't know what to think of Dragon. I guess all the scales and fire breathing scared Charlie, cause he kept growling at Dragon. Pearl saw right through him though. She went right to him at the table for rubbins. That male fixation again.....

We have got to start planning our July 4th get together. Skeeter, when can you come? Sandy, are you planning on having a cookout on the actual holiday, or on the weekend before or after? We need to decide these things so other Pet People can make plans. It would be great if Adrienne and the Foreman can come. Let's get going on this!

Saturday, June 16, 2007 9:58:00 PM  
Blogger B said...

Alice-cool kitty confuser(so many holes, so little time)-that does sound like a bargain. Skeeter, I'll be sending you something in the next few days. It's something you said you needed. I found one at the Goodwill, and it's ever so slightly chipped, buy Its still pretty. And no tears--you will be invited to "Doggy wood" here on Madison Street when you come to town.
Friday night was fun--I think we bored Dragon with the chatter--but I never said I didn't like to talk--it's just been so long since we've had someone to talk TO other than ourselves. Stacey and I shared pictures from our collections. Stacey, I had about five or six envelopes I didn't bring out cuz I think Dragon would have killed us.
We only have the 4th off--so a weekend would be nice--can't go to work with a hangover. You guys just let know what you need us to do.OK?

Sunday, June 17, 2007 7:56:00 AM  
Blogger B said...

ok Skeeter-I'm a dummy--I thougt we had addresses on the rouster-but I understand why we don't. Could you send your address to my work email? I found you a zebra--and don't worry, I couldn't fit the zebra and a bomb together--it would also make shipping cost extra!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007 8:01:00 AM  
Blogger Sandy said...

Skeeter, I laid out that page with the pet pictures and was excited to see that you had sent some. It's been a while since I've done the community section and you know I loved getting to do pet pictures!

As to a get together here. I have to first make sure I'm going to get Friday and Saturday off like I'm supposed to, then I'd probably want to have it on the Saturday before the 4th or the Saturday after. I also have to check with The Boss, because you know what he said about my making plans without talking to him!

Sunday, June 17, 2007 12:11:00 PM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

Sorry folks but we are going to FL for the 4th. The Foremans sister's birthday is the 4th and so he wants to spend it with her.

We have a lot of celebrating to do in July... My grandparents anniversary on the 2nd(#58 WOW!), the sister's birthday on the 4th, The foreman's mom on the 8th, our anniversary on the 12th, My half sister's birthday on the 21st and finally my step brother's birthday on the 31st. It as expensive as christmas for us. This year everyone is getting a card with a gift card to Best Buy.

As for us... our anniversary present is a couple of days at the beach with no family. They are even going to watch the children for us.

Sunday, June 17, 2007 7:47:00 PM  
Blogger Skeeter said...

Wow Adrienne, July is truly a special month in your household! Now Stacey you just had a fivesome and you are already planning another party. You Party girl you!!! Sorry, but I will have to opt out on this one. Go to today’s (Tuesday) posting so I don’t have to repeat myself here... Stacey you obviously did not see me growling at Dragon while at Don Ponchos! Hee hee…

Tuesday, June 19, 2007 3:11:00 PM  

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Pet People

Sandy Britt, an animal welfare advocate and volunteer with Clarksville rescue organizations, takes care of three dogs: Zoe, Scooter and Peanut; two cats: Catfish and Tarzan; and one husband, Glen, and according to him she takes care of them in that order.

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