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Pet People

Monday, July 02, 2007

Don't got milk here...

Here is a picture of my parents baby, (well I am and will always be the real baby) Patches. She is a beautifully marked kitty but in this picture, you can see she has a mustache. Just the opposite of the "Got Milk" advertisements with the white mustache, she has a black mustache. I think she looks like a Hitler wannabe! Oh, how bad that was of me to say such a thing for such an adorable kitty. She is not a year old yet so she pretty much is still a kitten and gets into everything her paws can reach. Hang in there mom and dad, she will settle down soon, well, lets hope so.

I find it fascinating how nature plays little tricks on us with our markings. I have markings which I believe to stand out like a sore thumb and spend lots of time trying to cover them up with make-up, strategically placed hair, clothes or whatever vice I can muster. On the other hand, I don't usually notice other peoples odd markings. One time I knew a girl for a long time and never noticed her birthmark on her neck until the Saint pointed it out to me. I guess I was too busy looking her in the eye when talking to her to notice it.

After watching nature shows I find that looks matter with some species. Take the birds for example, the male has to put on a show for the female and he must have the brightest feathers or make the best nest in order for him to get a mate.

What a difference in the human world. Women spend hours upon hours putting on make-up, playing with hair gels, picking out just the right thing to wear on a date. Then the man shows up in blue jeans and a tee shirt! Now just why is it this way? Just look at that adorable face on Patches. Do you think for one minute that a male cat would care that she is sporting a mustache or not? I don't think so but even though I have the Saint, I will continue to pluck those little hairs I find above my lip that seem to have come from out of nowhere. I don't want anyone calling me a Hitler wannabe! Why do women primp for men or are we primping for men or other women to not steal the man???

When I see the odd-ball looking puppy or kitten for adoption I pray that someone can look beyond the strange color scheme and will pick a fur baby on it's inner beauty. I am sure lots of furry babies are over looked due to a not so perfect coat. How sad. When my Skeeter died, I was expecting us to get a dog or a blue-gray colored cat in time. I have never sought out a pet as they have always found me as strays in the yard. We never thought twice about Cheetah or Sheba not being gray or a dog! We took those two beautiful black fur balls in our home and love them to death! When the day comes that I need to pick out an animal, I believe I will look for the strangest looking of the batch. Then check out that personality as I think a lot of people may be missing out on the perfect not so perfect looking baby!
Now Patches, I am not calling you not so perfect as you know how much I love you. I prove it when I am home and share the bed and the Saint with you!

posted by Skeeter at 7/02/2007 09:16:00 PM


Blogger B said...

Good Morning To All,
Sorry I've been awol for a while, but hopefully, I can take part in more discussions now. I think everybody is still adjusting to the new posting schedule, but it's good to see everyone coming back in.
This should be a laid back day cuz half the office is gone. But around here, you never know.LOL
I LOVE all these pictures of everyones animals--it's like looking at a family album of the Clan of the Pet People. We should build a family tree and put everyone on it--we'd probably have a redwood within a year or so.
ANYWAY--I have enjoyed the various topics. I have been learning about the birds, and turtles and alligators and bunnies and all sorts of things that I didn't know alot about.
Skeeter, your folks baby kitty is cute as a button. Pearl slept with me again last night. It's so strange. She is fiercely independant, and then she just melts and needs some love. I woke up about 2 am and she was purring away in the bend of my arm. The other night, Jeremy got up and could find her. I sleep pretty sound since the hospital stay and the sleep aid they gave me, si I never woke up during any of this. He was wondering around the house with a flash light, wondering if she had slipped out of the door when we took the dogs out or something. He said he finally saw her tail flip over my leg on the bed.She was curled up in the bend of my knees yawning and looking at him like "what the h*ll?".
Stacey's Lucy is so beautiful. And Adrienne's cowboy picture had gave me a good laugh.
I am so proud of all of you. You've realy thrown your self into the topics--and being on the "outside" looking in while I was too busy to sign on and blog,
it has been great reading and full of information. You guys all deserve a big pat on the back.
SANDY dear, you too--you are the beacon of the lighthouse--the pioneer---the Highlander of our Clan--the...well, you get my drift. THANKS for all the hard work you put into keeping us all in touch and informed. Wrote my letter to the editor yesterday about the licensing fee. Hope you guys did too!
Well, better run.
til later

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 8:05:00 AM  
Blogger Sandy said...

Jeez, I wasn't fishing for compliments when I talked about people leaving for the pet my space Web site! But I'll take them! :)

Skeeter, that IS a Hilter cat! It's name should be Adloph or Eva.
And it does got milk, it's chocolate milk!

I love the odd looking, because I know how people are--they always want the beautiful. I feel sorry for uglier pets and am thrilled when people adopt them because they know too that ugly pets are the best--but often overlooked!

I must post the story of Phoebe and her picture again. Brett wanted some success stories, and she's one of the best, and also one of the ugliest dogs ever. LOL.

One thing you notice about getting older, especially as a woman, is that people treat you much differently than when you were young. They think you lose brain cells along with looks. Even store clerks sometimes treat you as if you are invisible.

Or going to the doctor, young or older--it always pays to dress up as much as you can. If you are dressed nice, the people who deal with you treat you much better than if you're dressed like a bum. They take you more seriously.

The good news is is that if you have healthy self-esteem, you don't give a rat's butt. You use it to your advantage.

Hey, I think we should start a pet adoption campaign for the "old and ugly."

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 10:55:00 AM  
Blogger pearcehart said...

I think even the "ugly" pets are cute. Human babies, on the other hand... I just hate it when a new mom shows me her cute baby and I see a screwed up little face looking like it just sucked a lemon. Thank heaven for little white lies!

We alays get a Charlie brown Christmas tree, as well. We wait till all the big, beautiful trees are gone and then look for the one that is misshapen and bent. That's the one we pick!

I have always believed that there are no ugly things... some things just look better than others.

However, some of the recent letter to the editor story chats have shown that there are some very ugly personalities out there. How sad....

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 11:33:00 AM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

We have finally decided to get another puppy. But we are having issues! I want to bring home sombody that wants to be loved and will get along with everyone else no matter the age or breed. The Foreman is being picky and only wants a certain type of dog. It has to be a puppy under 4 months, it can't be black (why I don't know) and either a lab, golden or boxer. He was all for adopting the little black pit that Brett was looking for a home for, but now that it didn't work out he says "no black". The problem is that I made him a promise that the next dog we got would be his. Since he was not allowed to have a dog in the same manner that I did growing up, he now wants to have that experience. I'm trying to be patient with him and understanding, but ENOUGH already! I have looked at almost every dog on pet finder from here to California. I looked on craigs list, the papers, the shelters in the entire state and surounding states and went to 2 different adoption events. He found 2 puppies he was interested in, one we are on a waiting list for. He's at a shelter in West Virginia and the other one is not available for a month because she is sick and also needs to be spayed. Then he said it... "I think I want a purebred" AGGGGG! Just decide! My patience is running thin! I even tried to guilt him, by saying that we should be saving a life and giving them a better life than they had before. It shouldn't matter about all the other stuff. He got mad and said this was going to be his dog and he will let me know when he found the one he wants and I am not going to guilt him into anything. I just want to bring them all home.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 12:04:00 PM  
Blogger B said...

oh Adrienne! I'm so glad that your going to have another little furry face in the house. Jeremy and I are gearing up for our Hines visit tommorrow, but I am willing to accept the fact we may not be the right family for him if the little guy just can't warm up to us. But I may have another suprise. I'll let you know in another month or so.
SANDY--I cannot see you getting treated any different by medicos or sale people--not without blood letting or ego smashing happening-LOL.
Ugly babies? Humans, yeah--fur babies-never--but both improve over time. Alice you are a golden heart girl, don't ever change. When I was a kid, I couldn't take just one stuffed animal to bed, cuz Momma said I was concerned that they would feel like I didn't love them anymore, or that they might be scarred of the dark too. So we compromisedon making them a bed in a chair near my bed and tucking them in so that they could hide under the covers if they wanted too, and they were all there together. thtas how I got out of being afraid of the dark--I had to take care of the others!
Just another little slip from my looney childhood.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 12:40:00 PM  
Blogger Sandy said...

Let him pick his dog as long as it's from a shelter or breed rescue. That's not asking too much, as if he wants a purebred there are breed rescues. So, he can pick out ANY dog he wants, just so he isn't going to a pet store or to a breeder. He can't have a problem with that and that is a good compromise. You can even get puppies from shelters and rescues. Here in Clarksville we have Precious friends that has ONLY puppies. Hey, take a ride here aned let him pick one out from Precious Friends. LOL!

So, If I were you (and I practically am since we are so much alike) I would tell him, OK, anything you want, but from a shelter or breed rescue group for a purebred.

As for the puppy thing, you might want to remind him how hard puppies are especially if one of you isn't home during the day. It's hard to train a puppy with both being gone all day. Adults are easier.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 12:47:00 PM  
Blogger B said...

oh speaking of slips (just for you Skeeter), when do you guys wanna come to Dogwood for a visit? Dinner and a "Lassie" marathon @ my house? A snack and a Bugs Bunny cartoon? Cheap cookies and 8mm home movies? Everybody pick a Saturday night and we will have a get together. Just remember-my crew gets alittle nutty (Charlie had a little Dragon trouble last time). But as Stacey said, I have a pretty good spectrum of films to choose from--TV also. Just remember--not from the 18 thru the 24th of July.OK?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 12:53:00 PM  
Blogger Skeeter said...

Ah Brett, I get the “slips” comment but others want... Our little secret. Tee hee... Good luck on the play date with Hines. I hope it goes well... Crossing fingers here...

Adrienne, I agree with Sandy, any dog will be fine as long as from a shelter and not breeder... They found 12 dogs abandoned in a house here yesterday that a woman left alone. She claimed she was feeding them daily but the house was 6 inches deep in poop and mess from the poor neglected babies. One bit the animal control guy so they had to quarantine him and the others were so riddled with diseased they had to put them all down. This was so sad for me to see on the news last night. County is going to bring charges against the woman. She was interview on the TV and said she wanted to get them fixed and find homes for them but there was just never any money to do so and that things just got out of control for her. I would have gone through the TV and pulled her out and smacked the crap out of her if I could…

Well, I must fess up here. I poked a bit of fun at mom for ordering medicine on the Pet meds instead of her meds on the internet. Well, here is my and the Saints goof for the day... We took off to get our eyes checked today. Went inside and they did not have us on the appointment list. Hummm I called them on Friday so what is the problem. I showed her the computer print out and everything. Ah ha, we were at the wrong eye store!!! Duh, the one we signed up for was up the block and across the street. Boy did the Saint and I feel like idiots! To ease our pains, she told us that this happens all the time... I blame the Saint as he told me this was the eye place to go. But ha ha he has to get old man glasses and my eyes have not changed… My eyes are dilated and I am having a hard time here so bye for now...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 1:23:00 PM  
Blogger pearcehart said...

B, that is so amazing! I took everyone of my stuffed animals and dolls to bed with me too, because I didn't want any of them to feel left out. I still have a problem with making sure I get every grain of rice or whatever from the pan/can. I just feel like this food gave it's life for me to eat and if it stays in the can, it died for nothing. This could explain my constant battle with weight gain/loss. I feel guilty if I don't have a clean plate. The only explanation I can come up with is that since I was born from a Japanese mother and an American father, I was an outcast (back then) in both cultures. I remember being riduculed by Japanese children and American children. Funny how things leave such a deep and lasting mark on one's soul.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 1:56:00 PM  
Blogger B said...

But Alice, hopefully we have many better experiences within our adult years, and the growth that we have within OURSELVES that delivers our scars and pains into the joy pool that we need to tell the rest of the haters and name callers to go take a flying leap! LOL!!! Your still a golden heart girl Alice.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 2:35:00 PM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

The problem with letting him pick the dog is that as long as it comes from a shelter or rescue he thinks there is something wrong with it. I tried to tell him that is not always the case, that a lot of the time they are an owner surrender. He thinks about all the problems we had when we got Stella and how many behavioral problems she had. He said he wants a puppy that won't have any issues. HA! I have now told him that he has to read my puppy book before he can get one. Than we can talk about issues. When I bred Mattie he freaked out with all the puppies in the house (5). I have reminded him of that, but he won't listen. He thinks only one at a time will be different. Once he gets something in his head, forget changing it.

I know that in the end the dog will end up being attached to me. I work less than he does and right now I'm not working at all. So I will be the one who will deal with all the training as usual. I would like to go back to our origanal plan to foster b/c you get to "try before you buy". I know that sounds bad, but I think it's the best way to find the best match for your family. We'll see what happens. Who knows, maybe he'll suprise me and change his mind.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 3:52:00 PM  
Blogger pearcehart said...

Herbie (formerly known as Thumper and Miky) is fitting in perfectly here. He and Scootie rampage through the house at about 2am when The Professor (hubby's new nickname) are trying to go to sleep. There were so many kitties at Cats Are Us that I wanted to take home, sadly, we could just take Herbie. All of our dog children have been shelter or rescues. Puppies grow up and may develop traits that can become irritating. All of our adult dogs have been trainable.

I think we should all show up at Adrienne's house and speak to her hubby about this. Clearly Adrienne has more common sense and her hubby should be thanking God for her! better yet, just let ME come over! Muahahahaha!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 6:35:00 PM  
Blogger Adrienne said...

Well if you all are willing to drive 700 miles to my house, than by all means let him have it.

I don't mind a puppy. Every dog I have ever had I got as a puppy. (except Stella) He said something about wanting to train for agility trials, so I think that's why he wants to start with a puppy. But he could do that with a younger but older dog too.

My crapy neighbors have already started with the foreworks. Stella is already laying under my leggs. I'll be glad when the next 48 hours is over.

We are leaving for the beach in the morning, so I may be MIA for a few days. Have a good 4th all!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 7:01:00 PM  
Blogger pearcehart said...

Yep, Charlie is under my desk even as I type. He's scared of loud noises.

Well, pooh. I don't drive so I guess I can't come over and give your hubby what for.

The Porfessor wanted Aimee to do Flyball. Unfortunately, Aimee could care less about flyball or any other ball. She wouldn't even run to get a piece of hot dog from the professor during the training. Aimee, dog princess, has definite ideas about what she wants to do and doesn't want to do. But Aimee was the Professor's first dog, too. He was never allowed to have a pet growing up so I encouraged him to get a dog of his very own. Of course, I feed them all, and clean up their messes. But, I love them all too. I just love my cats a teeny bit more.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 10:09:00 PM  
Blogger Pam said...

Brett, I just have to say again, what a precious heart you have. Even for the stuffed animals you cared for, and since I used to do that same thing it melts my heart. I have a thi g for the ones who pthers don't want because they aren't as pretty or best. I usually take the ones I think others won't. When we got our Tige, I said let's tale the one that looks like it needs us most and that no one else would take. He was so little and precious and sweet we loved him so much. we still miss our sweet boy to this day!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007 9:34:00 PM  
Blogger Sandy said...

Adrienne, Scooter was 4 when I took him to the Nazi dog trainer and he did great! Even the trainer was impressed. I also did agility with Zoe for a bit.She would do all the things, but wasn't in a hurry about it. If I would have had Scooter back then I definately would have taken him for agility--he'd be great at it. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks. It's a myth that you need a pup.

Thursday, July 05, 2007 11:27:00 PM  

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Sandy Britt, an animal welfare advocate and volunteer with Clarksville rescue organizations, takes care of three dogs: Zoe, Scooter and Peanut; two cats: Catfish and Tarzan; and one husband, Glen, and according to him she takes care of them in that order.

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